The Bright Light Social Hour

What pedals does Jack use? Favourite vintage bass? How
Long have u been playing bass? Can u bring me
A Dietz cabinet from the US when you come to

The Bright Light Social Hour responded on 02/11/2013

I wish!! Even in Austin where they were once made, Dietz cabs can be pretty tough to come by, but I really love mine. The only pedal I use is a Wren & Cuff Caprid, which is based on a mid-70's Big Muff, it does the best job from anything I've heard of adding super-mean overdrive while still maintaining really fat low end. My favorite vintage bass was my old Custom Shop '59 p-bass relic, though that wasn't technically vintage. Right now I'm playing something based on an early Tele bass that I really like but I'd love to get my hands on another late 50s/early 60s pbass. nothing has the weighty low end like those. Ive been playing since i was about 13, more or less. -jack

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