The Bright Light Social Hour

Hey, y'all!
Just came to the site (first time I've seen the new layout...looks great!) to check if there were any updates on the new album :)
Also, I re-signed up for the street team since the last time I did was on the old site.
I realize this is not really a question/not right for this section, but I just wanted to say keep up the awesome work and that I'm absolutely stoked for y'all's new baby!

The Bright Light Social Hour responded on 08/30/2018

Hell yaaaa whaddup Jami!! Thanks! The song from the video is called Missing Something, which will be on an EP of the same name coming out September 28 (shh not announced yet :p). That should be when the video comes out as well. We got some other new stuff in the pipeline to put out in a few months as well :) We don't currently have the street team started back up but we'll hit you up if/when we do!

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