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We are thinking of checking out the scene in Austin in Feb2014. Time to get out from the cold here in Canada. Any chance we will get to see you guys live while we are there. Is Austin the bastion of left leaning liberal free thinkers that we hope it is. Saw you at the Roots and Blues in Salmon Arm B.C. I'm hooked, can't wait for the second album hopefully to be available on vinyl also. Thanks .
Cheers Steve and Maureen from Kelowna B.C. Canada

The Bright Light Social Hour responded on 11/13/2013

Hey guys, I probably shouldn't be mentioning it, but there's a good chance we'll be doing a big Austin show on Valentine's Day. It hasn't been booked and could certainly fall through, but I think there's a very good chance. Hope that's helpful for your travel plans! We loved Roots and Blues! Cheers! -Jack

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I LOVE you guys!! I found you on the Allgood line up and have been hooked since. I've told everyone I know about you (word of mouth, I don't have facebook) and my boss and I rock out to you on Spotify at work all the time. I checked your tour dates on your website and nothing comes up. Are you touring right now? Will you be in Louisville anytime soon? PLEASE come to Louisville!!

The local independent radio 91.9 WFPK brings in bands to do free shows for the public on the waterfront down on the Ohio River the last Wednesday of summer months.

Also, your mustache is incredible.

Thank you for kicking ass.

Heather R. Hill

The Bright Light Social Hour responded on 10/07/2013
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You guys played at George's in Fayetteville on October 16. It was my birthday. As I told a couple of you guys, y'all are my favorite band, you have influenced my life and my spirituality. One day, I AM going to build a city with my bare hands and bare feet. Or at least a home, a garden, and some animals. Thank you all for being amazing. Thank you for putting up with my friend who was tripping his balls off. I was kind of embarrassed, but he was just having a blast...he was so happy to see you guys play. And, had my embarrassing friend NOT embarrassed me, I probably wouldn't have had the courage to come up to you guys and talk to you. So, I guess I just want to say thank you again, for being the amazing musical influence you've been to me and my life. PLEASE come back to Fayetteville soon. I know SO many people in this town who are crazy for TBLSH. There were other things going on that night, but next time we will pack the house! Best night of my life. For sure. LOVE you guys :)

The Bright Light Social Hour responded on 11/13/2013
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